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I love mixing high and low end fashion pieces. I prefer to splurge on outerwear, shoes and accessories because they get more wear. In this look, the two piece crop set is the affordable option from Shein at only $16 for the entire set! Crazy right! And surprisingly, the quality is pretty good. I consider the set trendy and I tend to spend less on trendy items because they only last through one season.

The duster is a splurge item from Torrid. It retails at $79. However, its a piece I can wear over and over again. Plus Torrid always has a good sale.

The black suede slides are from Nordstrom.







Rhonda Peterson

Summer denim is a thing! Much more lightweight than fall and winter denim. They are thinner and more breathable to wear during the hot summer months. During the summer I don't wear jeans often but when I do I prefer a softer, lightweight pair.

As a plus size woman, shopping for denim can be the most stressful experience! It's my least favorite piece to shop for. However over the years I've learned which brands to stick with because they always come through. 

rhonda peterson

Here are my favorite brands to shop for summer denim. They never fail me.

1. Fashion Nova Curve -- Listen... Roll your eyes if you want too. Many people have mixed reviews about Fashion Nova Jeans. However, in my experience, they have never failed me. They contour perfectly to my body, lifts the booty and controls the belly (high waist pair). They have the right amount of stretch without loosing their shape and have belt hoops (because a belt is a must for me). I'm 5'9 and they are always the right length (wearing a dark denim pair in the photo). Overall, they are very comfortable, super light weight and can be worn for hours without being uncomfortable. They run small, so size up!

rhonda peterson

2. TORRID -- Torrid jeans speak for themselves and the low rise girlfriend jeans are my favorite. They are ripped just enough, cuffed perfectly at the ankle and gives a bad ass vibe to any outfit. The rips in the jeans allow air to penetrate the skin keeping me cool. I love to pair my ripped jeans with a t-shirt or button down. And they fit true to size. P.S. I ripped mine a little more :-)


3.  LANE BRYANT -- I'm sure you knew this one was a favorite. Lane Bryant Denim has been there for me since I was a teen. I love the quality and durability of their jeans. You can literally wear them for YEARS. At one point, I threw away a pair because I was sick of wearing them. They are super soft, breathable, lightweight and sometimes come in different colors. Although, pricey, they are definitely worth the coin!

4. Style & Company (Sold at Macy's) -- These jeans are just classic relaxed fit and super soft. Plus they are almost always on sale! They are a more classic fit but can styled with a twist. 


I initially went shopping at Lane Bryant to find a dress for Easter Sunday and came across this gorgeous ruffle top (and more)! For a while I had gotten a little bored with Lane Bryant, but to my surprise I was so happy to see new stuff that's both classic and youthful for Spring. 

Ruffles scream effortless style! 

It's an easy, comfortable, cool style that pairs easily with ripped denim jeans, wide or straight leg pants. 

I went for an elevated sophisticated look pairing the top with wide leg black pants, bold hoop earrings and a slide in mule.

The top fits oversize. I am wearing a size 18/20. 

More Styles I'm Loving


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Many plus size women are extremely self conscious about wearing their arms out. I was like that for many years but decided it was to hot to care. Although I may have overcome this fear, there are still tons of women who battle with this everyday. I have the same battle with these big legs of mine. I'm still a work in progress. Read my post here.

If you who are self conscious about wearing your arms out, here are examples of pairing sleeves that won't have you sweating bullets (because that's not cute or comfortable). These looks will keep you cool and on trend though out the warm months. 

When I received this two piece set from Rue 107, I was in love! It's a two piece halter top with wide leg culotte pants. I am wearing a size 2X. Throughout the fall and winter seasons, I typically wear solid colors. However, it's something about the bright sunshine, blue sky and warm ATL temps that motivates me to wear patterns. Hence, this wild pattern combination. Sometimes you just have to let it go, be bold and step out!

The kimono is a gift from God! It's light weight, transitional throughout all seasons and pairs well with just about anything. I grabbed this one from Torrid. It's blush pink color goes with just about anything. It's easy to wear, comfortable and gives just enough coverage but shows a little skin.

The white collar shirt screams sophistication! I love this look because it reminds me of being on vacation. It's an elevated look that can go from a lunch date to vacay. The tied shirt snatches the waist giving a more youthful, trendy look. 

The head scarf is the final touch to the look. Although it doesn't match the pattern in the set, it does bring the look together giving it a more interesting, creative look. 




I'll be the first to admit I love to save a coin and look fly at the same time! Looking expensive while shopping on a budget is essential to my entire existence! It's really easy too. However, you have to be careful not to "look cheap". 

Here are my top 5 tips to look expensive on a budget:

1. Choose Solid Colors -- Honestly, regardless of color, pairing solid colors keeps an outfit chic and effortless. Neutral colors are my go-to. They are fail proof, classic and timeless. Avoid prints as much as possible.

2. Throw on Sunnies -- Sunglasses are a no brainer! Especially an over sized pair. I am wearing my favorite $20 pair from Urban Outfitters. 

3. Wear a quality pair of shoes -- If your entire outfit is affordable, splurge a little on a good pair of shoes. You don't have to break the bank. But, since shoes support your body (I mean you have to walk on them all day) a nice quality pair is essential. A good shoe automatically makes your outfit look expensive. 

4. Clean Makeup -- Keep makeup clean and neat by focusing on healthy skin, clean eye brows and moisturized lips. A little foundation, concealer, powder and lip color gives an instant polished look. 

5. Wear Clothes That Fit -- At all costs, wear clothing that fits! When clothes are too small, it cheapens the overall aesthetic of an outfit. Size up if you have too (I know the feeling). It's okay. No one knows the size on the tag but you. And if shape wear is needed, wear it. 

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I'm starting out recharged and ready to slay 2018! I pray that you have an unbelievable year full of joy, pleasure, an abundance of happiness and success! 

So, here goes the first post of 2018 (Wow... can't believe I'm saying that!)

I have been dying to find quality denim jeans that fit. When Fashion Nova launched their plus size collection (Fashion Nova Curve), I knew I had to pick up a pair. In case you aren't familiar with Fashion Nova, they are an e-commerce clothing giant who's claim to fame rose through Instagram. Known for their extremely curvy models and sexy clothing, the brand has been worn by top celebs like The Kardashians.  It seems that every girl I've come in contact with lately has raved bout the brand.

Since Fashion Nova is known for their high waist denim jeans, it was a no brainer, I NEEDED a pair. They were so gracious to send me over a pair to try out. I am usually a size 20 in jeans so I decided to order a 3X. I was a bit skeptical because I was unsure of how stretchy the material would be but to my surprise, I was impressed by the fit. They sucked in everything! Literally, smoothed out all of the cellulite in my legs, thighs and snatched the waist! 

In fact, I have worn them 3 times already (haven't washed them yet) and they have managed to keep their shape. I'm 5'9 and the length came right above my ankle which is exactly the way they looked on the model. The waist stopped just above my belly button and did NOT budge in the back (big booty girls know the struggle) and they have belt hoops (yes!!). They also have just enough stretch and aren't too soft. I am not a fan of super soft denim. However, they are very comfortable and easy to wear.

The Cons -- They are on the thinner side (compared to my go-to brands like Torrid and Lane Bryant). If you are larger than a 20/22, most likely, these jeans won't fit. 

The price point is around $30.00 but they are on sale for $22.98! And I have a coupon code RHONDAXO for 20% off!

I decided to write this post because several of you asked me my thoughts and if I had given them a try. You were curious like me. This post is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to give you all my honest opinion.

Would I order another pair? Definitely! 

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rhonda peterson

Tis the season to eat hella food until my heart is content (ahh that makes me so happy)!

It's officially the holiday season!

During this time of year I am eating amazing comfort food (turkey, dressing, ham, mac n cheese, sweet potato casserole, potato salad, collard greens, banana pudding, pound cake... just to name a few...Ha!) but I still want to look cute and be comfortable at the same time. 

I decided to elevate my typical casual pair of black leggings with an over sized black blouse and pink faux fur vest. Obviously all black is appropriate for the amount of gluttony I'm going to consume. A vest is my favorite outerwear piece to wear because it glamorizes the most basic outfit. Usually during the holidays I am hanging out at my aunt's house so I threw on a comfortable pair of sneakers. A simple pair of sneakers gives an outfit a clean feminine sporty look...which I love. P.S. These are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn! OMGEEE!

To give the look a bit more sass, I threw on an over sized vintage inspired pink and yellow pair of shades. This look is what I call a "Casual Stunna Vibe" perfect for taking bomb Instagram photos and will easily transition from the dinner table to a night out.

forever 21 vest
rhonda peterson
rhonda peterson pink vest
rhonda peterson

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I kinda feel weird talking about this but it's my truth and something I hope will inspire. So here goes...

As a plus size woman, my biggest insecurity is embracing my big legs. It's rare you see me in short skirts and completely non-existent for me to wear shorts because honestly, I'm just not comfortable. I have lots (and I mean lots) of cellulite on my butt, thighs and legs which can be overwhelming. Whether my weight is up or down, it seems my legs just never change. Even as a little girl, I was known for my big hair and big legs. As I got older, they became more of a negative sight because it was associated being overweight which I HATED! It wasn't until my later teen years, I realized my body was different from those around me.

About 10 years ago, I lost 75 lbs (which most I've gained back) and although it's a significant loss, I still couldn't find the confidence to show my legs. I absolutely DESPISED this insecurity! 

I always admired how toned my sister's legs were.  Courtney inherited her toned legs from our mom's side of the family. Me on the other hand inherited dad's side of the family who is definitely not lacking in the hips, legs or butt area! After years and years of covering up, I realized I had to start pulling away the layers of insecurity surrounding my body. I started to realize it's less about vanity and more about embracing the body I was born with. I mentioned earlier, I was the little girl with the big hair and big legs. And to this day, I still have big hair and big legs and it's just apart of me.  

At 33 years old I'm learning to embrace my body in any and every way possible, no matter it's imperfections. During the summer months, it's to hot to always cover up! I love experimenting with sexy lengths and silhouettes. I have decided not to restrict myself because of my insecurity. I'm grateful for the body positive movement that has gained momentum on social media, specifically in the plus community. I am inspired by women who literally wear what they want and can give two craps about what society thinks! I am HERE FOR IT! While some are more riskier than others, its extremely empowering! Now don't expect to see me prancing around in cut off shorts or mini skirts, but I am gradually experimenting with shorter pieces that make me feel confident and comfortable.

I've stopped beating myself up and you should to. If we don't like something we have two options; change it or accept as is and move on. Life is just to short. Rome wasn't built in a day so don't expect an immediate change in self perception. It takes time. Step by step, day by day. 

rhonda peterson

This post is inspired by this little black skirt. While browsing the aisles at Target (because their women's ready to wear has been SLAYING lately) I came across this black skirt. It was a bit more fitted and shorter than what I generally go for but I couldn't deny how cute it was. The split detail on the front gave it an extra flare that I couldn't resist. I love the contrast of the soft blush pink top against the velvet black textured skirt. I felt this look embodied a little sweet and sass. 

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Eloquii Metallic Maxi Skirt

Let's just start this post stating the obvious... This metallic skirt worn as top is just genius! 

I bought this skirt during a huge end of summer sale at Eloquii. Its an amazing piece that will transition easily throughout the different seasons. I had a chic fall look in mind while styling this although Atlanta is 90 degrees in late September :-/. Super sweaty during this shoot!

I channeled my inner June Ambrose, stylist extrodinare, when experimenting with pieces outside of it's obvious purpose. It's cost effective and elevates the originality of the look. I'm totally guilty of wearing an item once and never wearing it again. However, there are just some pieces that are staples that will be worn over and over. 

I challenge you to shop your closet for pieces that can be reinvented. Fall is a great season to experiment because summer pieces can transition easily with throwing on a belt or jacket to change up the look. Plus you look more effortless and chic.

rhonda peterson

To style the look, I tucked the front of the skirt in and left the back out for a dramatic tail effect. I paired it with ripped denim jeans, a blush moto jacket, ball drop earrings and nude pumps. Oh and get used to the cat eye sunnies. They are my latest obsession! 

eloquii metallic skirt
cat eye sunglasses
Rhonda Peterson

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Menswear inspired looks always slay on a woman! I found this dress shirt for $5! Yes $5 from the Men's section at the Goodwill-- don't sleep on thrifted clothing! Let's just say I picked up a few of these shirts in different colors. I wanted an over-sized button down that I could put my own feminine twist to. In this look I tied it at the waist. To be completely honest, I missed a button hence the unintentional gap at the mid section. But hey, it works! 


I appreciate simple looks like this because they have a presence and work regardless of body type. I paired it with a straight leg black pant, heeled booties and a classic red lip. I threw on a dope pair of gold trim shades to sass it up a bit.

This look made me feel like a boss!


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