Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Not only is Valentine’s Day for lovers, it’s also for celebrating your girlfriends. Not sure how to celebrate your gal pals, here are a few tips on how to celebrate your galentine:

  1. Go out to dinner together! Nothing is more fun than grabbing dinner and drinks with your girlfriends. Instead of focusing on not having a significant other, celebrate each other. Some of the best laughs I’ve had have been over wine with my girls.

  2. Exchange gifts! Exchange simple gifts with one another. Something simple like her favorite lip color, wine or a good book.

  3. Spa Day! A girls day at the spa is a great time to relax and catch up on life while enjoying refreshing cucumber water and a luxurious facial.

  4. Get a Mani/Pedi! Getting a mani/pedi with your girlfriend is so much fun! Let her choose a color you typically wouldn't go for.

  5. Show Appreciation! Writing a simple handwritten note thanking your girlfriends for their love and dedication to your friendship is a great way to show appreciation. You can also include your favorite photo of the two of you.

I partnered with my blogger babe Morgan Kelley from Scarlett Events. Morgan’s focus is on creating events for women that love the elegance of simplicity and would rather live in the moment and create memories than stress about details. She is based in Atlanta, GA.

Photos were taken at the beautiful Moxy and AC Hotels in Atlanta, GA.

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