So for me, staying motivated can be a challenge. With so many distractions,  I've had to find ways to stay focused to get ish done! I've realized over the past few years transitioning from my 20's into my 30's, becoming "set in your ways" is a REAL challenge that can affect daily motivation.

Here are my top 5 tips for getting motivated on the daily:

1. PRAYER/ MEDITATION -- I start each and every morning with prayer. I simply ask God for motivation to complete purposeful tasks for the day.  No matter how short or long the prayer, I believe its important to be specific about what you desire to accomplish. Hence this blog! He answers... Trust me! Oh, and this talk generally takes place on the toilet which is naturally the first stop in the AM. 

2. PODCASTS -- So much of my time is spent commuting, so podcasts have literally saved me from loosing my ENTIRE mind in Atlanta traffic! I've discovered them to be so informative and motivational. You're basically get free life and business advice 24/7.  Here are a few of my faves. They're all so good.    

Myleik Teele's Podcast -- Business/Motivational 

The GaryVee Audio Experience -- Business 

Cool Soror with Rashan Ali -- Lifestyle/Motivational 

Fresh Air -- Art, Pop Culture 

Beauty and the Vlog -- Social Media/Business 

3. EATING BREAKFAST -- It is something about breakfast that gets me going! No matter what, I make eating breakfast a priority. I always drink a glass of water (I'll add lemon if I have some) and then a cup of coffee while I do my hair and makeup. I feel like breakfast balances out my mood and gives me the right amount of fuel to get the day started. During the week, I'm pretty consistent with boiled eggs and a piece of fruit.   

4. CONVERSATIONS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS -- When life is getting the best of me, I talk to my husband or my mom. These two people just get me and they always have something positive to say. Its so important to have someone to reach out to give you the extra push you need for the day. My mother is a southern woman who gives me motivation with a scripture to back it up. My husband's super practical and has more of an easy yet theoretical approach to motivation. Always having someone positive that you can talk to is ESSENTIAL!

5. GOING FOR A WALK -- Its refreshing what a little fresh air can do! Taking a walk can literally cure anything it seems. I find it easy to clear my mind, process my thoughts and ultimately feel rejuvenated.  Plus I get bonus time walking Chase and working up a good sweat. 

What do you do for motivation? How do you keep going?

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