As a fashion and beauty lover who works a professional 9-5, it can be hard trying to look stylish and office appropriate at the same time. I love using accessories and unique pieces to bring a look together. Here are my 5 must have tips to werk it at the work place.

1. Put on some makeup – We’re always in a hurry but don’t be lazy. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. Applying a small amount makeup instantly makes you look awake, refreshed, invigorated and polished (all the things we want to be). This is especially important if you are looking to stand out for advancement in your job.

I once heard Ericka Pittman, Chief Marketing Officer of AQUAhydrate and one of Diddy’s right hand business minds (I’m obsessed with her!) say every time she goes in the board room, especially full of men, she always wears a red lip. It’s bold, eye catching and helps get her the deal. Come on ladies, we have to use what we have it to our advantage.

2. Belt it – Elevate a simple dress by adding a statement belt. Have a fun with it. Plus who doesn’t love a snatched waist. It gives you a sleek look. If you want to re-wear the dress, switch up the belt for a different look. I’m so guilty of wearing the same thing twice in the same week.

3. Statement Blazers & Jackets – A good statement blazer or jacket can make a $5 dress look like a million bucks! Literally! Anything with a cool print or embroidery instantly elevates anything basic. Plus it shows your style and creativity.

4. Wear a Broach – I know this sounds super old school but a broach can elevate an outfit with the quickness. It’s a subtle piece that gives a look a stylish feminine flair. They don’t have to be a designer piece (although the Chanel one is calling my name). It’s a simple piece that has a huge presence.

5. Plan your looks – If I’m honest, I don’t always do this but when I do, it makes a huge difference. I compare it to meal prepping. If I lay out the outfit, shoes included, the Sunday before or even the night before it takes away the stress of putting it together in the morning. Honestly my outfit comes out much better.

Rhonda PetersonComment