I kinda feel weird talking about this but it's my truth and something I hope will inspire. So here goes...

As a plus size woman, my biggest insecurity is embracing my big legs. It's rare you see me in short skirts and completely non-existent for me to wear shorts because honestly, I'm just not comfortable. I have lots (and I mean lots) of cellulite on my butt, thighs and legs which can be overwhelming. Whether my weight is up or down, it seems my legs just never change. Even as a little girl, I was known for my big hair and big legs. As I got older, they became more of a negative sight because it was associated being overweight which I HATED! It wasn't until my later teen years, I realized my body was different from those around me.

About 10 years ago, I lost 75 lbs (which most I've gained back) and although it's a significant loss, I still couldn't find the confidence to show my legs. I absolutely DESPISED this insecurity! 

I always admired how toned my sister's legs were.  Courtney inherited her toned legs from our mom's side of the family. Me on the other hand inherited dad's side of the family who is definitely not lacking in the hips, legs or butt area! After years and years of covering up, I realized I had to start pulling away the layers of insecurity surrounding my body. I started to realize it's less about vanity and more about embracing the body I was born with. I mentioned earlier, I was the little girl with the big hair and big legs. And to this day, I still have big hair and big legs and it's just apart of me.  

At 33 years old I'm learning to embrace my body in any and every way possible, no matter it's imperfections. During the summer months, it's to hot to always cover up! I love experimenting with sexy lengths and silhouettes. I have decided not to restrict myself because of my insecurity. I'm grateful for the body positive movement that has gained momentum on social media, specifically in the plus community. I am inspired by women who literally wear what they want and can give two craps about what society thinks! I am HERE FOR IT! While some are more riskier than others, its extremely empowering! Now don't expect to see me prancing around in cut off shorts or mini skirts, but I am gradually experimenting with shorter pieces that make me feel confident and comfortable.

I've stopped beating myself up and you should to. If we don't like something we have two options; change it or accept as is and move on. Life is just to short. Rome wasn't built in a day so don't expect an immediate change in self perception. It takes time. Step by step, day by day. 

rhonda peterson

This post is inspired by this little black skirt. While browsing the aisles at Target (because their women's ready to wear has been SLAYING lately) I came across this black skirt. It was a bit more fitted and shorter than what I generally go for but I couldn't deny how cute it was. The split detail on the front gave it an extra flare that I couldn't resist. I love the contrast of the soft blush pink top against the velvet black textured skirt. I felt this look embodied a little sweet and sass. 

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